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Positive and Negative Shapes


   During the unit on color and light late last year, students explored the questions: "Where does color come from?" and "How do we see color in our world?" Students learned that colors exist naturally in light or "white light". This is why colors appear all around us in our world. The colors of white light, also known as the light spectrum, are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. An easy way to remember these colors is " ROY G BIV". (Of course, the colors of the rainbow!). Essentially, white light is made when all the colors of light mix together equally. "How do we see color in our world?" When white light hits an object, the colors of the light spectrum are either reflected or absorbed by the object. For example, when white light hits a red jacket, every color in the light spectrum is absorbed except red. Red is reflected from the jacket allowing our eyes to see the color red. It could be said that light is color and color is light. 

   Students created "rainbow spinner tops" to show how the seven colors of the light spectrum create white light. 


Recently, students in 1st through 5th grade explored the art concepts of positive and negative space. They learned that artists not only look at shapes, but they also observe the space between shapes. Through the positive and negative shape project, students were able to cut out a variety of shapes (positive shapes) from paper. Students then took each positive shape and matched it with a corresponding empty space (negative shape). By doing this,   students were also able to identify and to create symmetry within their artworks.


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